Academy of Art Student Lion

This is the place for students of Academy of Art University to share their pain, celebrate their existence, and bond together in our frustrations of being 'Urban Knights.'

Why do we need our own page? Well, pretty much every school in the US has one singular campus. AAU is different in that we don't have one campus. We have buildings all over the city of San Francisco. We don't even have our own bookstore. In my opinion, we go through a lot more hassles. Enough to make a blog of them.

Have an idea for a lion? Submit one!
Don't know how? Ask!
Have an idea but don't want to make one? Drop it in the ask box!
What in the bloody hell is the thing in the middle? It's my version of our mascot, the 'Urban Knight.'

Have questions about the Academy? Ask away. I'm happy to answer any questions people have about AAU and the things that go on here.